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The Team - Practice Midwife


When you know or suspect that you are pregnant you should arrange to see me in the ante natal booking clinic at approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy. This clinic is held on Wednesday Afternoons. We will discuss where you would like to have your baby and arrange an ultrasound scan.The scan appointment will be sent to you from the hospital and will take place when you are about 12 weeks pregnant.

I will be seeing you in the ante natal clinic at the surgery for subsequent check ups and blood tests. These follow up appointments are on Thursday mornings. Ocassionally your Doctor may see you for these checks.

We offer parentcraft classes at Northfield Medical Centre on Friday mornings. Access to these starts at around 32 weeks alternatively you can attend classes at the Leicester Roayl or Leicester General hospitals.

When you and your baby come home from hospital we will be visiting you at home to make sure you and baby are both well, this may not be every day but you can call us at any time if you have a problem.

When your baby is 10 days old your care is usually transferred to the Health Visitor, although we can still visit up to 28 days if needed.

Clinic Times - Weds pm and Thurs am